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Are you unable to travel to a Notary?  For whatever reason it may be, this service is great for you! I can meet you at your location of choice to Notarize most documents.

Do you need a document printed out, signed, hand delivered, or mailed out? Document Courier service is available!

Are you in need of a certified signing agent for a home purchase, refinance, or other real estate closing? I’m certified and have a clean background check through the NNA.

Do you need someone to act as an authorized representative for an I-9? Per state law, I’m unable to stamp/notarize I-9s, but I am able to verify identification and sign as an authorized representative.

Need a vehicle inspected for a title loan? I’m able to take photos and am familiar with the process.

Typical Documents for Notarization include:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Adoption Documents
  • Affidavits
  • Affidavit of Contribution
  • Business Documents
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Health Directives
  • Jurats
  • Medical Documents
  • Parents Consent to Travel
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Time Share Documents
  • Towing Company VSF Forms
  • Traffic School Tests
  • Trust Signings
  • Vehicle Title Transfers
  • Wills

 As a  Texas Notary Public, I have the authority to:

  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer oaths or affirmations
  • Protests instruments
  • Take depositions
  • Certify copies of non-recordable documents

As a Certified Notary Signing Agent from the National Notary Association: I have

  • Passed the examination demonstrating superior knowledge and proficiency in the administration of loan document signings.
  • Passed an industry-recognized background screen.
  • Earned the professional designation of NNA Certified and Background-Screened Notary Signing Agent.
  • Multi-Function Laser printer to allow for speedy preparation for signing appointments.
  • Additional Information may be found on my profile on Notary Cafe at
  • I am certified NSA thru the NNA    Certified Notary Signing Agent
  • I have had extensive training for my NSA assignments thru Carol Ray’s NotaryPro.
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